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Understanding the probate process

The hallmark of the probate process is waiting. For some fortunate families, the waiting may only seem long, but the process is over in a matter of months. Not every family is so lucky.

It is true that fewer than half of residents in Ohio and across the country make an estate plan that includes provisions for streamlining or even bypassing probate. You may be among those who face an uncertain probate. It may help you to understand the process and what is happening while you wait.

Not all non-competes are created equal

As one of the many successful business owners in Ohio, you know that it takes a lot to protect your company. One way you may wish to do that is with non-compete agreements. The problem with non-competes is that they are not all created equal.

If you think you can Google non-competes and just download a standard form, well, you're right. You most certainly can. This does not mean that doing so would be a wise decision, however. A lot goes into creating a strong and valid non-compete. A standard form will not provide the protection you really need, and it may not even hold up in court.

You can take action to limit power of attorney abuse

Putting someone in charge of any type of situation can be intimidating. You certainly want to choose the right person for the job and ensure that he or she also feels comfortable taking on the role. When it comes to appointing a power of attorney agent, you may feel a bit apprehensive about giving that much responsibility to just anyone.

First of all, you certainly should not appoint "just anyone" as your agent. There is a possibility that abuse of power could occur when it comes to handling your finances. Because this person will take on the role of agent in the event of your incapacitation, you may worry about not having the ability to combat potential abuse.

DIY estate planning may leave you and your family with issues

All adults could benefit from having an estate plan. You may find yourself among the numerous individuals who think that estate planning is only for individuals with considerable wealth, but that it not the case. Whether you have a simple estate or many complex assets, you could still use an estate plan to get your affairs in order before your death.

While any plan could prove better than no plan, you may want to reconsider following do-it-yourself planning. Several options for this type of avenue may be available to you, but you may want to remember that they may not meet the specific needs of your estate. Of course, without the right information, you may not realize that you missed tools that could have proved useful to you.