Guiding You Through The Immigration And Naturalization Process

While the United States is known as a nation of immigrants, complex immigration and naturalization laws make it difficult for foreign nationals to become U.S. citizens without assistance. If you are attempting to navigate the process alone, your unfamiliarity with federal procedures may put your application at risk. When your future depends on your ability to understand and follow specific guidelines, this is the time to seek professional help.

Foreign nationals throughout Greater Cincinnati trust Michael Brandabur to guide them through the steps built into the immigration and naturalization process. A respected immigration attorney in Hamilton, Michael has followed federal protocols for years, so he is able to explain the government's requirements clearly.

Adding to his substantial knowledge of this field, Michael has represented the United States government and foreign governments in trials overseas. He has extensive experience with international legal systems as well as individuals from other cultures. These encounters help him translate legal concepts using terms that are easy to understand. When you hire his legal services, you benefit from this firsthand experience because it enhances his counsel. You will spend less time laboring to bridge cultural differences and more time working with him to develop an effective legal strategy.

Identifying Solutions For A Variety Of Immigration And Naturalization Issues

Brandabur Law, LLC, dedicates a significant portion of its firm's practice to immigration and naturalization law. As a result, Michael offers services that address a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Family-based immigration
  • K-1 fiancée visas
  • Marriage visas
  • Employment-based immigration visas
  • Deportation proceedings
  • Immigration appeals

Since 1996, Michael has established a record of success in obtaining favorable results for families, students, refugees and asylees. Fluent in German, Michael is also conversant in other languages. That he provides positive outcomes and is a skilled communicator are just two reasons he is recognized as a preeminent Ohio immigration lawyer.

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