Defending Your Business Interests In Court

As beneficial as it may be to work alone, business owners in Ohio recognize that their company's success relies on their relationships with fellow business partners, employees and vendors. Working without these individuals may minimize the chance for conflict; however, the resources they provide allow a company to develop and expand.

State and federal laws have been established to protect business owners from intellectual property theft and breach of contract. Whether you operate a proprietorship or a large corporation, it's in your best interest to locate and mitigate risk with an attorney's help. Engaging proactively can help you to minimize legal costs associated with litigation. Should you need to resolve disputes through litigation, a business and commercial lawyer can develop an economic and effective legal strategy to pursue in court.

For over 20 years, Michael Brandabur, lead attorney of Brandabur Law, LLC, has provided straightforward and knowledgeable counsel to Greater Cincinnati's business owners and operators. Guided by an education learned while earning his JD and MBA, Michael can assess your company's contracts and revise their terms to lessen your exposure to lawsuits. When Michael partners with your company, he takes the lead on defending your company, allowing you to return to overseeing your business.

Addressing Conflicts Through Civil Litigation

As an experienced trial attorney, Michael offers comprehensive legal services for matters such as:

  • Tort litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Patent, trademark and copyright infringement
  • Employee, vendor or partner contract disputes
  • Business and consumer fraud

A business owner himself, Michael recognizes the financial strain legal action places on a company's operating budget. As a result, he is driven to provide in-house attentiveness at a cost-conscious rate. Providing an effective legal solution shouldn't deplete your reserves.

Hold The Responsible To Account With Assistance From A Seasoned Civil Litigation Attorney In Hamilton

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