Developing And Protecting Your Business

Good fortune and innovative ideas may help new companies develop name recognition in Greater Cincinnati, but it takes more than these two factors to help young businesses survive. To move from a startup to an established company, astute owners rely less on luck and more on anticipating problems and protecting their enterprises accordingly.

Ohio's business codes offer operators a way to safeguard their interests and grow their companies. If you don't have a legal background, the legal process can be hard to navigate without a lawyer's guidance. It then becomes necessary to identify the best lawyer for the task. Receiving counsel from an attorney without business experience carries its own risks. Without firsthand knowledge of business operations and management, your attorney may not offer advice that is applicable.

When area business owners need practical legal advice on protecting their ventures, they contact Michael Brandabur. Founding attorney of Brandabur Law, LLC, Michael uses his real-world and academic experience to create effective business solutions for his clients. Having owned and managed many companies, Michael understands the complexities you confront when running a business. He ably identifies potential conflicts and can articulate the appropriate course of action for you to take.

Offering Effective Remedies For A Range Of Concerns

Michael's straightforward approach has earned him recognition as a preeminent Hamilton business attorney. When you retain his services, you will be partnered with a legal ally who can represent your business in and out of court in various matters, including:

  • Drafting, negotiating and executing business contracts
  • Advising on business entity selection
  • Facilitating the processes associated with business formation, development and dissolution
  • Litigating breach of contract
  • Designing permits, bylaws and procedures
  • Overseeing business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions

Having earned both a JD and MBA, he employs his knowledge to design legal strategies that address business and legal nuances. Emphasizing the long view, Michael's plans help you mitigate risks by limiting your legal exposure. Investing in his consultation will provide a high rate of return.

Don't Rely On Luck To Increase Your Revenue. Consult With Michael To Take The Appropriate Steps To Develop Your Business.

Message the firm or call 513-275-6110 to arrange a free, no-obligation case evaluation with Michael today.